Wine, Nibbles & Bids Silent Auction for TCHS starts today


In the past year alone, the Tri-County Humane Society performed approximately 3,000 surgeries, including castration and neutering, hernia and fracture repairs. Not only that. Just think of all the animals that found homes last year; Over 4400 cats, dogs, critters and birds have found forever homes through TCHS. Each of these animals that were brought to their new homes received the necessary vaccinations, medication and general care from the care staff and volunteers who work at our shelter.


So today we ask you to join the fight to ensure our TCHS facility is here today and for years to come. The Wine, Kibble & Bids Silent Auction begins today, Friday, April 15 at 12pm and will continue until 8pm next Friday, April 22nd.


Every year there are unique and fun items to choose from, but according to Vicki Davis, Executive Director of TCHS, this year is exceptional. “This year we have something for everyone, even your cats and dogs.”

The Tri-County Humane Society reminds you that holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, outdoor weddings and gardening are just around the corner, and the silent auction is a great way to get gifts for those special occasions while helping out the much-needed efforts of our local humane society.


If you want a head start on bidding, click HERE now to prepare and place your bids. Don’t forget that new items will be added during the auction throughout the week, so you are invited to come back and view items throughout the week.

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