When the Queen was publicly moved to tears

Here are some instances that have brought the Queen to tears.

Queen Elizabeth, who died on Thursday, lived a disciplined life and was rarely seen showing emotion in public. She suffered personal tragedies but maintained a steadfast and determined public figure. However, there are instances when she has been caught on camera. Here’s a look at some of the occasions when the monarch was brought to tears:

The 1966 Aberfan mine disaster

ic1q3is8In 1966, a horrific coal waste avalanche in Aberfan, Wales, killed 144 people, most of them teenagers. Queen Elizabeth II wept as she spoke to the survivors. She traveled with Prince Philip to offer her condolences to the dead and their loved ones. This expedition to Aberfan was also made into the web series “The crown’.

The Queen was also photographed crying in public during the Royal Yacht Britannia’s decommissioning ceremony in Portsmouth in 1997. Her Majesty had a deep personal affection for the ship, which she herself launched in April 1953.

The Queen’s Tears for the War Dead: Field of Remembrance

14gothvgIn 2002, Queen Elizabeth expressed her emotions when she followed in her late mother’s footsteps to dedicate a war memorial at Westminster Abbey in London.

A minute’s silence was observed after the all-black monarch placed a modest wooden cross amid others in the usual memorial field. She seemed to wipe away tears in the silence.

The memorial field honors the war dead of the Commonwealth and the British. The monarch was able to control her emotions before leaving the churchyard to greet soldiers and look at some of the 19,000 crosses that had been sent from across the nation. The cross-planning ceremony has been conducted by Elizabeth’s mother, Queen Mother Elizabeth, for virtually the last 50 years.

In 2016, the Queen began to cry at the memorial to the dead soldiers


During a service honoring dead soldiers, the Queen was extremely moved. The monarch stood alongside injured veterans, their loved ones and troops who lost their lives while serving in the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment, of which she is Colonel.

A total of 32 members have died since the formation of the regiment. During the event, Queen Elizabeth unveiled a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire and laid a wreath.

Memorial Day Events 2019: Queen Sheds a Tear for War Heroes

qltf8beoWhen the UK observed a minute’s silence to remember its fallen soldiers in 2019, the Queen was pictured wiping her tears. She watched as her son, Prince Charles, laid the first red poppy wreath at the Whitehall memorial. The Queen last led the country in a memorial service in 2016.

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