When is a private equity loan necessary?

When liquidity is scarce and we urgently need money to cover a problem, we face a situation in which there is only a single solution through the provision of urgent money. This situation can be expenses for displacement or a disease, an important project, anything that needs the injection of money promptly; but unfortunately we are at a time when requesting a loan from a bank is very difficult. The bank has closed the credit due to the financial crisis, now they ask for many requirements and many conditions that most customers can not meet. Let’s see when a private equity loan from private lenders is necessary.

Through the loan of private capital we can face difficult situations, companies like ours provide money to their clients with the sole condition of a guarantee, which can be real estate or of any kind. This means that the user can contribute any property, be it a vehicle, real estate, art pieces, etc. Everything is ok except the jewels. In this way, there is the possibility of guaranteeing a credit with any guarantee, there is a large number of options among which the consumer can select the one that best suits him. Our company will give you an amount of money whose maximum will be between 20% or 25% of the value of the guarantee, it also depends on the quality of the guarantee presented. As for the real estate that guarantees our private capital loans, we must emphasize that these must be free of charges and mortgages to be valid.

In this way, we accept houses, flats, premises, etc. parcels, land or plots are not valid. We also want to mention the advantages of these private equity loans, the speed is the most notable. The user who urgently needs money appreciates to a large extent that he is provided with money quickly without having to ask too many requirements, papers or conditions. Our company can make this capital to be deposited in the current account of the consumer in less than 72 hours, provided that the documents have arrived correctly to our offices. Among other virtues that have private equity loans, we emphasize that our company can give money to people who are in unfavorable economic situations such as delinquency, therefore, find themselves inscribed in the list of the asnef is no longer an inconvenience at the time of request money in our company. We also grant loans to people who do not have a job and do not have a monthly payroll. The guarantee provided by the consumer allows us to grant loans to any client. Our company is formed by a team of private and private lenders and we are professionals who have a lot of knowledge on real estate and financial issues, this allows us to carry out a series of procedures and deal with a lot of aspects, with this we accelerate the process so that The client gets his money in the shortest possible time, freeing him from unnecessary bureaucracy. We can take care of the official appraisal of the home and at a price that is economical for the consumer, we never charge money in advance and we take care of a large amount of paperwork.