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A festive Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin became fatal when an SUV plowed into the crowd.

Details of what exactly happened are yet to be announced, and officials will provide updates with new information on Monday.

Here’s what we know so far.

What we know about the victims

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, a group that describes themselves as “an award-winning group of grandmas that perform in about 25 parades each year from Memorial Day through Christmas,” posted on Facebook early Monday that they were performing at the parade as the fatal incident occurred.

“Our group did what they loved, they performed in front of the crowd in a parade that put smiles on faces of all ages and filled them with joy and happiness. During the performance, the grandmas enjoyed the cheers and applause of the crowd, which certainly a smile conjured up on their faces and warmed their hearts. “

Wisconsin Christmas Parade tragedy: 18 children hospitalized, some still in critical condition

The post also mentioned that some of the victims were members of the group.

“Those who died were extremely passionate grandmas. Their eyes shone ….. joy of being a grandma. They were the glue … held us together.”

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies posted on Facebook that they were performing in the Waukesha Christmas Parade when tragedy struck

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee said one of its priests, as well as several parishioners and Catholic Waukesha school children, were injured in the incident.

In the early evening, two hospitals reported treating 28 people, while police and local hospitals reported that at least 11 adults and 15 children were injured. The authorities said that information about the severity of the injuries was initially not known. “Some” deaths were reported at the time, but police declined to name a number of the fatalities, citing the privacy of the victims’ families.

At around 8:00 p.m., Wisconsin Children’s Hospital said it had admitted 15 patients from the incident, with no deaths reported at the time.

Aurora Medical Center in Summit was treating a total of 13 patients late Sunday: three in critical condition, four in serious condition, and six in good condition, according to a statement.

The Waukesha police will give an update at 1 p.m.

The Waukesha Police Department is expected to post an update at 1:00 p.m. The video of the press conference will be broadcast live in the player above.

“Person of Interest” in custody, possibly escaping previous crimes

A “person of interest” is in custody, said Waukesha police chief Daniel Thompson on Sunday, but gave no information about the person or a possible motive.

Attorney General Josh Kaul tweeted late Sunday that the investigation, with assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, is ongoing.

While the investigation was still in its infancy as of Monday morning, five sources that could be informed told NBC News that it was not linked to terrorism.

They also said that at the current early stage, the incident did not appear to be retaliation related to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, in which the jury on Friday issued a verdict clearing him from charges.

The incident could have happened when there was a knife fight or stabbing and then the detained person escaped, according to four senior law enforcement officers who spoke to NBC News. They added that this person may have a significant criminal history.

Police are not looking for more people related to the vehicle incident, but they may be looking for more suspects in the knife fight, the sources said.

Although no charges were filed by Monday morning, NBC 5 Investigates exposed the suspect’s long history in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin governor places flags on half of the staff to honor the victims

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers today ordered that the flags of the United States and the State of Wisconsin be hoisted with a half-staff as a sign of respect for the victims of the tragedy.

“Kathy and I are praying tonight for Waukesha and all of the children, families, and church members affected by this pointless act. I am grateful to the first responders and the people who helped quickly, and we are in contact with local partners while we wait for more information, ”said Evers.

The Waukesha School District cancels classes after the tragedy

The Waukesha School District canceled classes Monday, stating that “additional counselors will be available” for students and staff.

In a letter, the district leadership said school will be canceled on Monday for all students in grades 4K-12 and counselors will be available during the day for students seeking assistance.

It remained unclear whether classes will resume on Tuesday, and district officials said the decision will be made on Monday.

“Our thoughts go out to everyone involved, to everyone who witnessed the event, and to our entire community,” they said.

Officials say 5 dead and more than 40 others injured

The city of Waukesha posted on its social media accounts late Sunday that it was able to confirm that at least five died and more than 40 were injured, while realizing it was still gathering information and those numbers could change. The city’s statement also said that many people were transported to hospitals.

The city did not provide any further information about the deceased.

What happened when an SUV was plowed into the crowd

Sunday’s holiday parade was streamed live on Facebook, and part of the video showed a red SUV driving through the parade at what appeared to be high speed, followed by gasps and sirens.

At around 4:39 p.m. CT, an SUV crossed a barricade on Gasper Avenue and Main Street and then drove into the crowd gathering for the parade, Thompson said.

A video shows how the SUV meets apparently members of a brass band and several others along the parade route before continuing. The sound of the marching band that can be heard before the SUV approaches is replaced by screams.

Dan Thompson, Waukesha Police Dept., and Chief Steve Howard, Wauskeha Fire Dept., gave an update on Sunday evening after a car plowed into a crowd at the town’s Christmas parade.

Police said an officer fired his gun and fired shots at the suspect’s vehicle to stop it. No bystanders were injured by the gunfire, and Thompson said he did not know if the driver was hit by the officer’s bullets. They don’t believe the car was shot.

The crime scene was safe and secure in the hours after the incident, the police said at a press conference at 8 p.m.

Main Street will remain closed from Barstow and Main to Wisconsin and Main until at least Monday noon, the city said, and shops in that area should remain closed.

Main Street will remain closed from Barstow and Main to Wisconsin and Main until at least Monday noon, the city said, and shops in that area should remain closed.

Waukesha plans memorial in Veterans Park

The city said that after the area reopens in Veterans Park, space will be made for a temporary memorial.

“The community mourns the loss of our parishioners and the injured,” the Waukesha statement said. “We ask the community to come together at this time and keep families in their prayers.”

Waukesha city leaders spoke at a news conference Sunday after an incident that resulted in multiple deaths and at least 28 others injured when a vehicle sped into a Christmas parade.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee said one of its priests, as well as several parishioners and Catholic Waukesha school children, were injured in the incident.

According to witness reports, they heard a loud bang from screaming

Angelito Tenorio, a West Allis city councilor running for Wisconsin state treasurer, told The Associated Press that he was watching the parade with his family when they saw the SUV spinning into the area.

“Then we heard a loud bang,” said Tenorio. “And after that we only heard deafening screams and screams from the crowd, from the people at the parade. And people began to hurry, ran away with tears in their eyes and cried. “

A Wisconsin city councilor who participated in the Waukesha Christmas Parade recounts the moments he saw an SUV racing into the crowd, killing at least five people and wounding dozens of others.

Tenorio said he saw about 10 people, children and adults, on the ground, who were apparently hit by the vehicle.

“It was just so quick,” he said. “It was pretty terrifying.”

City offers help to residents who need it

Waukesha officials advised anyone who needs to speak to someone about the experience of the scene to call 211.

An FBI spokesman said its Milwaukee field office was aware of the incident and that local and state agencies were directing the response. The White House is also monitoring the situation, according to a statement.

A vehicle plowed through a Christmas parade in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha on Sunday evening

The parade is sponsored by the city’s Chamber of Commerce. This year’s edition was the 59th of the event, which takes place on the Sunday before Thanksgiving each year.

Waukesha is a western suburb of Milwaukee and about 90 kilometers north of Kenosha, where Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on Friday of the charges of shooting three men during the unrest in that city in August 2020.

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