West Boylston benefits from $116,000 Community Preservation Act Match

WEST BOYLSTON – The city has increased its Community Preservation Act fund and added a state surcharge of $116,001, “the highest dollar amount,” said Selectman Pat Crowley, which represents “43% of our surcharge.”

The CPA is a surcharge on property taxes that sets aside money for certain programs and involves a state agreement funded by surcharges on land registry fees.

“At this year’s game, the state put money into the fund,” Chairman Chris Rucho said at the Feb. 2 board meeting.

“An additional $10 million from the state surplus went into the CPC, which supplemented the match,” Crowley said, adding that this was supported by an increase in registration fees.


Looking ahead to events in the city, Crowley said the Celebrations Committee intends to bring the Easter egg hunt back from the past and make the city’s Memorial Day parade a longer and bigger parade.

Crowley said the plan was to “still keep it as a celebratory parade. We don’t look at Shriners throwing candy.”

Crowley said if a group would like to attend, contact the city manager and he would reach out to them.

“We’re looking for groups with children to make this a big city event,” he said.

Lafayette marker

On a then-famous tour of the United States from 1824-1825, the Marquis de Lafayette, a French general and Revolutionary War hero, toured the then-existing states at the invitation of then-President James Monroe.

The tour included many stops, complete with speeches and awards, in central Massachusetts, including traveling through West Boylston while traveling from Sterling to Worcester.

The city has been offered a plaque by the Lafayette Trail organization to install ahead of a planned celebratory tour event in 2024-2025.

Signs are in place or planned in other nearby towns such as Bolton, Lancaster and Sterling.

More: Lafayette’s tour took revolutionary heroes through local towns; markers are placed

City Manager Nancy Lucier said she will work with the Historical Commission to decide on a site.

Part of the actual route of the original tour may not be appropriate. In the 19th century, downtown and major streets were in an area that now lies under the waters of Wachusett Reservoir.

Return of the Captain

The Triangle at the Reservoir should have current seller Ron LaFlash with his truck, Captain Ron’s, returning this summer.

Lucier said the requests for proposals had only resulted in LaFlash’s application, leaving one spot open.

A change from the past is the option for a three-year lease, which select men could automatically renew at the end of the season.

The board will vote on the contract at its next meeting.

In other shops

• Lucier reported that the vaccination clinic was going well, with the next vaccination clinic scheduled for February 12 from 11am to 2pm at Major Edwards Elementary School.

• The board discussed board members’ concerns about legal opinions, which they said do not provide the city with the guidance they believe members should receive.

They met with Lauren Goldberg, the lead attorney for KP Law, the city’s legal counsel, to discuss the issues.

Goldberg said the firm will try to work on better communication and move forward in the future.

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