Volunteer first responders hit by high gas prices

PIKE CO., Ind. (WFIE) — While AAA is still saying on the high end that gas prices are falling, people are wondering if this downtrend will continue.

According to AAA, gasoline costs about $4.25 a gallon in the United States, down $0.08 a gallon since hitting a record high of $4.33 on March 11.

While the slight drop in prices seems like good news, pundits are still unsure how Russia’s war with Ukraine and inflation will drive fuel demand in the coming weeks.

Those issues have caused gas prices, which historically rise in the run-up to Memorial Day when more drivers take to the streets, to fall in recent days, but some people say that’s not quite enough.

Many jobs require employees to use their own vehicles during the workday, including some of our own first responders.

Some volunteer firefighters and rescue workers over in Patoka Township say they drive their own vehicles to medical runs. They cover a more rural area, making journeys longer and putting a strain on your vehicles and wallet.

Some even say they drive their private vehicle up to 35 minutes just to make a call.

“I drive a delivery truck. I can get maybe 20 miles per gallon if I’m lucky if I’m very lucky. I mean it takes quite a long time to fill up. Once it was over $3 it was like mmm…you know but not that bad. And then you know how easy it is, we’ve hit about $3.50, and the next thing I know, we’re at $3.99 and then at $4.09. It wasn’t a smooth jump,” said Emily Carrico with Patoka twp. Fire Department.

While all the volunteers say gas prices are definitely not helping them, they say they don’t think twice when responding to calls.

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