Viral Internet Explorer Gravestone, a South Korean techie’s homage to the “dead” web browser

“It was a good tool for downloading other browsers,” the tombstone reads. Designed by Jung Ki-young, a software engineer in South Korea, the memorial features the Internet Explorer web browser that Microsoft Corp just discontinued. The gloss black tombstone also features the large “e” logo of the explorer who was born on August 17, 1995. Photos of the memorial have gone viral since it was released to the public earlier this month.

According to a Reuters report, Jung described his relationship with the browser as a “love-hate relationship” and said he had mixed feelings after the legacy Microsoft software that played a big part in his work life went away.

Microsoft announced last week that it would be retiring Internet Explorer after 27 years as it would now focus on the faster Microsoft Edge browser.

To commemorate the demise of Internet Explorer, Jung spent a month and 430,000 won (about 26,000 rupees) designing and ordering the tombstone, the report said. The memorial is on the roof of a cafe his brother runs in the South Korean city of Gyeongju.

“It was a pain in the a**”

In South Korea, Internet Explorer was the standard browser in most government agencies and banks for years.

“It was a pain in the a** but I would call it a love-hate relationship because Explorer himself once dominated an era,” Jung told Reuters.

Explaining his predicament, Jung said it took him much longer to ensure that the websites and online apps he created worked with Explorer, compared to other browsers his customers still demanded that their websites look good in Explorer .

The idea behind the tombstone is to make people laugh, Reuters quoted him as saying.

However, Jung did not expect the joke to go viral online.

“That’s another reason for me to thank the Explorer, he’s now allowed me to make a world-class joke,” he said.

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