These lines were common all over New Jersey

We have a tradition of going to one of the few restaurants in the area that are open every Christmas morning. They are usually run by people who don’t celebrate Christmas and don’t bother with additional business. So I found one that was pretty close and said they were open according to their online listing.

Well, as we came down the freeway from diner, we saw a long line of cars stretching down Route 73. I thought, “Oh god, I’m not waiting in line for breakfast”. There were enough lines in 2021 and I didn’t need any more on Christmas morning.

When we did the U-turn on the freeway (legally of course) we noticed that the line wasn’t for dinner. It was for a testing site that was right next to the diner.

I had to pull about 30 cars to get into the parking lot. People thought I was queuing to get ahead on the test line, but I just wanted to go to diner!

The diner happened to be closed so we went elsewhere. But when we realized what was going on, we looked at each other in amazement that so many people were doing this just to have dinner with the family.

We have a rule if you are uncomfortable and carry something you believe is contagious, whatever it is … stay home. I’ll see you next time.

But if you’re feeling good, don’t let the media scare you thinking the bogeyman is in your coat pocket and you are going to give it to Grandma and kill her. Almost two years after that “thing” and the panic is still more contagious than the virus.

If doctors and hospitals were allowed to freely prescribe therapeutics that they believe would work, people would be more comfortable knowing they had options. But they don’t. And we don’t. So we have that. Lines to be tested to see if you won’t kill Grandma when you go to Christmas dinner.

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