The rise of travel technology in India

Technology is Midas’ touch that is on its way to update every sector that touches it. A world without technology is a dystopian vision. The Indian tourism sector has also benefited greatly from the technology in a variety of ways.

Following the setback the travel industry has suffered from the pandemic, the World Travel and Tourism Council has made it a duty for governments to invest in digital infrastructure in emerging tourist destinations as well as remote areas. The Indian Ministry of Tourism works closely with the National Digital Tourism Mission and is working on a unified tourism interface. During the pandemic, the Ministry of Tourism launched Dekho Apna Desh, a series of webinars that allowed people to explore different cities of India based on their tourist attractions, history and culture.

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AR and VR: The future of travel

Virtual tourism in India is not new. It has been on the rise in India since the 1990s. As an alternative to the pandemic blues, virtual tours have the ability to let the user experience places they’ve always wanted to see, simply by sitting in one place. India’s extremely diverse expanse allows for tremendous diversity in virtual tourism. All the user has to do is put on the VR goggles and hold the remote control that will help them find the target they are on.

Tamil Nadu Tourism integrates emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality through VR-based brochures and is also in the process of offering laser light and sound shows in popular tourist destinations in the state.

history and modernity

The city of Dholavira
The city of Dholavira in Gujarat featured immersive 360 ​​degree live action VR videos Shutterstock

Back in 2016, Gujarat Tourism created immersive 360 ​​degree live action VR videos of the incredible ancient sites of the Indus Valley including Lothal, Dholavira and Rani-ki-vav. In 2021, Kerala Tourism also took a step in the tech direction by launching an Augmented Reality (AR) app to launch a virtual tour guide. It highlights the state’s tourist hotspots along with the obscure ones. It is known as a real-time audio-video guide that informs the user of five attractions near their current location.

The travel and tourism industry has become much more organized for consumers with the ever-expanding apps that put all the conveniences at our fingertips. Delhi Tourism’s Dekho Mere Dilli app allows tourists to plan their trip from start to finish on a single platform and book all tickets. It also provides quick information on all eateries, historical places and other tourist attractions. Additionally, many of the popular heritage monuments such as India Gate, Mughal Gardens, Red Fort, Akshardham Temple and Humayun’s Tomb offer virtual tours through their websites.

Art at the push of a button

Many museums in India have started online exhibitions during the pandemic
Many museums in India have started online exhibitions during the pandemic Sumit.Kumar.99 /

The pandemic also led Indian museums such as National Museum, New Delhi, Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad and Victoria Memorial, Kolkata to take the online route via online exhibitions. Many museums strive to connect with their customers beyond physical structures, and these efforts include putting their collections online to ensure their relevance.

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