The private loan in front of the bank

Private loan

We could make a comparison between the private loan against the bank, it turns out that the banks no longer grant loans as before, the loans they grant have many restrictions. It is very difficult to access them since the conditions are more rigid, they require many requirements and many users do not have the possibility of accessing this type of financing. Therefore, the private loan in front of the bank is the best alternative to obtain financing.

Private equity companies like ours, allow their clients to obtain credits and liquidity in a short time. The formula we use is very simple, we grant money to users provided they provide us with a guarantee that can be real estate or any other kind; this is neither more nor less than the fact that the client can guarantee his credit with properties of all kinds, from a vehicle, art collections, real estate, taxi licenses, etc. everything works, anything goes, the only exception are the jewels and it is only necessary that the guarantee has the sufficient value to obtain the figure that the client is looking for. Let’s see, a user needs a loan and for this he provides us with an endorsement, we can grant him a maximum amount of up to 20% of the value of that guarantee. This figure depends very much on the quality of the guarantees, but we also provide another alternative, which is credit for the car.

Private equity loans

In other words, we grant loans to clients, private equity loans also guaranteed by their own car, which means that we first carry out an appraisal and then grant the consumer an amount of money that will be between 30% and 40% of the value of its utility. A process that is identical in the case of a motorcycle, truck, van, etc. We must clarify that these private equity loans are very advantageous compared to banking, since we do not ask for too many requirements, nor so many conditions, besides that the terms of type are greatly reduced. In such a way that a client can have his money deposited in his current account in less than seventy two hours. Thanks to our work, we reduce to the minimum the number of necessary procedures, we take care of the greater amount of managements. Among the advantages of these loans of private capital, compared to those that can have banking, highlights the fact that we provide money to people who are in an unfavorable situation, for example do not have payroll, are on a list of defaulters as the asnef, etc. no savings bank or banks can lend money to a person enrolled in a list of defaulters but we do.

The security of these loans is very remarkable, we are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and all our economic activities are framed within the current legislation. In addition contracts are signed before a notary and registered in the corresponding registers, notarial signatures can be made anywhere in Spain, we cover the entire national territory and also the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. If you need a private equity loan, know that this type of loans have many advantages compared to banking, the particular loan is very safe and you can get the amount you need in a very short time, we recommend that you contact us directly in the shortest time possible. We will assist you with the maximum effort.