The November 26th COVID-19 update from SHA

In the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s November 26th update of COVID-19, they report a total of 108 new confirmed cases of the virus in the province.

Of these 108 new cases, there are 1 in the Far North East Zone, 8 in the North West Zone, 19 in the North Central Zone, 2 in the Northeast, 12 in the Saskatoon Zone, 24 in the Central East Zone, 12 in the Regina Zone, 7 in the South Central Zone and 19 in the South East Zone.

There is 1 new confirmed case in the South West Zone, in the South West Subzone 2.

There are 3 new cases with pending residence information.

Nine cases with pending residence information were reassigned as follows – 1 in the Far North West Zone, 2 in the North West Zone, and 6 in the North Central Zone.

Almost a third (32.4%) of the new cases fall into the age group 11 years and younger.

Half (50.7%) of the new vaccination cases (12 years and older) were fully vaccinated.

The seven-day average of new COVID-19 cases is 98 (8.1 new cases per 100,000 population).

This brings the total number of provincial-level cases to 80,775, of which 1,017 are considered active.

There are 33 active cases in the South West Zone – 4 in the South West Subzone 1 and 29 in the South West Subzone 2.

83 restores have been reported, bringing the province’s total to 78,842.

1 new death has been reported, bringing the total number of deaths in the province to 916.

There are 143 people in the hospital, 102 of whom are inpatients and 41 in the intensive care unit.

Of these 143 patients, 94 (65.7%) were not fully vaccinated.

There are 6 Saskatchewan residents hospitalized outside the province.

To date, Saskatchewan has processed 1,272,166 COVID-19 tests.

And yesterday, 2,153 COVID-19 tests were processed in the province.

Of the 15,893 variants of worrying cases identified by entire genome sequencing in the province, 7,123 are alpha (B.1.1.7), 10 are beta (B.1.351), 484 are gamma (P.1), and 8.276 are delta (B.1.617.2).

4,184 COVID-19 vaccinations were given yesterday, including 46 in the Southwest Zone.

This brings the total number of provincial vaccinations to 1,720,540.

There are now 832,511 Saskatchewan residents who are fully vaccinated.

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