State Funeral Service for Uncle Jack Charles

The Victorian Government has announced a state memorial service for the late Uncle Jack Charles.

It will take place on Tuesday 18 October 2022 at 2:00 p.m. in Hamer Hall.

Uncle Jack died earlier this month, with a long list of film credits including Smart man, Who do you Think You Are?, Yokayi Footy, Preppers, Back to the Outback, Black Comedy, Rosehaven, Grace Beside Me, Fancy Boy, Rake, Wolf Creek, The Gods of Wheat Street, Problems, Woodley, We Can Be Heroes, Women of the Sun, Rush, Ben room and the movies Blackfellas, Mystery Road, Pan, and Jimmy Blacksmith’s vocals.

In a statement, Premier Dan Andrews said: “Uncle Jack Charles was a proud man of Boon Wurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung, Woiwurrung and Taungurung – he had a talent like no other and paved the way for Aboriginal actors to follow in his footsteps .

“As an actor, musician, potter, performer and activist, Uncle Jack has taken on many roles. As a mentor and guide for young Aboriginal men, he touched the lives of many.

“In 2016 he was named Victorian Senior Australian of the Year for his lasting influence on Australian theater and his contributions as a role model for his community.

“Earlier this year he made history as the first Aboriginal elder to testify before Victoria’s truth-clarifying Yoorrook Justice Commission.

“And in doing so, he permanently etched it into the history of our state.

“His life was once marred by great injustice, but he did not let it cloud his bright and generous spirit.

“As an infant, he was forcibly separated from his mother by state authorities.

“Uncle Jack’s harrowing experience as a member of Stolen Generations had a devastating effect on his self-esteem as he struggled with a cycle of addiction, homelessness and imprisonment for much of his early life.

“His separation from his family led him on a lifelong journey of discovery – of his family history, culture and his Aboriginal identity.

“A larger than life personality, his warmth and humor got him through as he drew others into his remarkable life.

“There is no actor, activist, survivor or Victorian like Uncle Jack Charles.

“He leaves a legacy – one of deep honesty, survival and reconciliation – and one of which every single Victorian can be proud.

“In recognition of his important work in our justice system, his service will be streamed to prisons, detention centers and juvenile justice centers across the state.”

Nothing is known about a program from NITV, SBS or ABC.

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Jack Charles’ family gave permission to use his name and likeness.

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