South Carolina celebrates Confederate Memorial Day on Tuesday

South Carolina will close state offices Tuesday to mark Confederate Memorial Day.

The celebration of the holiday is on May 10th every year. South Carolina is one of a handful of southern states with such an official holiday. State offices in Alabama and Mississippi were closed late last month for their Confederate Memorial Days.

South Carolina chose May 10 because it is the day that Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson died in 1863 after being wounded by his own troops and the day that Union soldiers met the fleeing Confederate President Jefferson in 1865 Davis captured in Georgia.

A bill that would allow state employees to use June 16 or another day in place of Confederate Memorial Day passed unanimously by the South Carolina Senate in March, but is stuck in a House committee and will likely die if Thursday’s session ends.

The bill began as a proposal to add the June 19 celebration as a new state holiday. But instead of adding a 14th holiday, the law would create a holiday that state officials could take whenever they wanted.

It was not immediately clear from the language of the bill whether state officials would have remained closed on Confederate Memorial Day, as they currently do, or whether they could remain closed on June 16.

On Tuesday, the General Assembly meets as usual.

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