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Well, this column will be filled with interesting articles, so I won’t waste any time getting into it!

Do you remember me mentioning a few months ago that I should turn down Miller Street between the old train station and 20th into Storybook Lane? This is a wonderful idea that Winnie Mercer wanted to implement in memory of her aunt who was a childhood writer. So far there are two benches for everyone on Miller Street. They are a place of calm when you are tired after a long walk or when parents sometimes read to their children and make precious memories with them. So far you can find Winnie the Pooh and Jonathan Livingston Seagull benches.

So the theme of every bank would be a children’s book or a character from a children’s book and the goal is simply to have a place to rest and enjoy the view of our Lytle Lake. If you own property on this stretch of street, please remember to put a themed bench along that stretch of street, or if you want to get involved, ask one of these owners if you can help them set up a bank. Our wonderful people in town can help keep this stretch of street clean and tidy, and this street may one day be a tourist destination. What a beautiful memorial for Winnie’s aunt.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people to see without a camera.” I met Marilyn and David Elkins a few months ago while walking through Manhattan Beach. What a nice couple. Well, I’ve been so impressed with her accomplishments since then that I decided to share with you what I learned about Marilyn. She has two hobbies that are quickly making a name for her in our small community. She is quite adept at greenhouse gardening and her photography is nothing short of professional. She and David volunteered with the Rockaway Beach Police Department, and Marilyn gave her photos to the people who donated to the police. After our department left people were still asking for photos, so she decided to create a website to showcase and sell her photos. Since then, Marilyn has had a commercial license and her photos are on sale! On the website you can choose your favorite photo and print it on metal, canvas or have it framed and matted.

Local businesses have also started promoting their new business. The Little Crow (Anne Savage) presented eight photos in their shop from the last week of May to July 1st. Nehalem Bay Winery even asked them to put their photos up for people to buy. The 30% of the money the winery makes from selling their photos will be donated to an orphanage in Cambodia. You can also find her photos in the Silver Sands Motel, Sunset Surf Motel in Manzanita and four of them in our town hall. So you don’t need internet to buy one. You can find them everywhere!

If you are interested in shopping online and seeing all the beauty in one place, visit The subject of most of her photographs is Rockaway Beach. Her passions, and some of my personal favorites, are photos of the Milky Way from the beach in Rockaway. Our community is so picturesque that the photo opportunities are endless, and with Marilyn’s talent, you may even find beauty you have been missing. Marilyn even sells calendars and sold 63 of them in one day.

Marilyn confided that she recently received a message from a man who had seen some of her fabulous photos of our city on community websites and asked her for her recommendation on where to propose to his girlfriend. He took her to Rockaway Beach from Missouri and suggested that that night that she take a Milky Way photo in August. He bought the photo from her website and then asked her to take some photos of their engagement. Since he had already bought a large metal print, Marilyn met her at that golden hour before sunset on the beach by the Twin Rocks. She snapped a few dozen photos and it was her perfect engagement gift for both of them.

Thank you Marilyn for sharing your story. I absolutely enjoyed it and will continue to enjoy your photography online and around town. And yes, life is good …

“A photo is the pause button in life.” This is Rockaway Beach, “Sugar Coated!”

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