Real heroes deserve half the staff

clayton hill,

Jefferson City

Dear editor,

Flags are again fully manned across the country, but on Independence Day they were half manned again — this time because of the killings in Highland Park, Illinois.

This practice should be curtailed in favor of flying our nation’s flag nationally to honor the deaths and service only for members of the military, law enforcement and others who deserve the honor. National honors should also go to genuine patriots and elected officials who have served this country faithfully and with honor.

Any senseless death (by mass shooting or otherwise) is in the least regrettable, but any wrongful death from firearms, drugs, drunk driving, or similar tragedy dilutes the honor of flying the flag at half-mast.

In the case just before Memorial Day, the flag was already at half-staff, and there was barely enough time to raise it to full stave for the ceremonial lowering on the holiday in honor of those who died for our country.

In Chicago, New York, and many other urban areas, there are not enough days in the year to see the daily kill; The flag would never reach the top of the pole.

Other political entities should honor their own who may have died in that locality or state, but national decrees should end for unjust crime-related killings.

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