Queen of Hearts Jackpot still up for grabs at Owensboro Bingo

And then there were 11.

The crowds at the Owensboro Big Blue Bingo Hall are multiplying. Trinity High School’s Queen of Hearts jackpot has been growing in recent months and the excitement around it is palpable. Hundreds of people flocked to the bingo hall on Monday night and hundreds more are expected tonight when another chance to find the queen of hearts is up for one lucky bingo player.

In the past four months, no one has been able to find the Queen of Hearts. So far 41 people have tried it. All 41 failed and the jackpot has grown exponentially. By the end of Monday night’s Trinity’s Bingo, the Queen of Hearts jackpot had increased to $18,110.

I chatted with this morning Trinity High School Bingo Coordinator Andrea Aud on the crowds, excitement and money up for grabs.

For some perspective, Trinity High School here in Owensboro hosts bingo two nights a week – on Mondays and Thursdays. They average around 200 players per night. With the Queen of Hearts jackpot increasing, it’s up to 350 per night and that number is likely to only get bigger as history repeats itself.

It was September 2018 when this happened!

Trinity High Bingo

Trinity High Bingo

This is Ann Payton who won the record jackpot of $139,529 on Queen of Hearts. She claimed 70% of it and pocketed a whopping $97,670! When Ann went to play, there were only three numbers left on the game board.

Tonight the lucky player drawn will go to this board.

See! And then there were 11. There are only 11 numbers left and the queen of hearts is hiding behind one of them.

Andrea is on her way home from a quick two day trip to the beach to see if anyone will win. And yes! Andrea finished bingo on Monday night, took the kids to the beach for a quick two day trip and is driving back this morning to go to the bingo hall when the doors open tonight. I told you the excitement is building – not only for the players but also for the organizers.

This is how the game Queen of Hearts works. In order to win the jackpot you MUST be seated at a table and officially playing bingo at the Big Blue Bingo Hall. Doors open at 4:45pm. Pull tab and Queen of Hearts sales start at 5pm. Bingo games start at 6.45pm.

Laine Cooper/Unsplash

Laine Cooper/Unsplash

Tickets for the Progressive Queen of Hearts Raffle are only $1 each. Just before the last bingo game of the evening, a lucky winner will be drawn. This winner goes to the Queen of Hearts board and chooses a number. If they reveal the Queen of Hearts, they win the jackpot, currently the third largest in the history of Trinity High School bingo ( License #0299).

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