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Mason County High School freshman Jaylan Scaggs-Farley tackles an Army National Guard obstacle as part of class.

Veterans Day

This soldier and jeep with a rear-mounted weapon were recently part of a WWII camp reenactment on the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center campus.

Forever vigilant

The lone sentry at the Civil War Memorial in Maysville Cemetery stands against a gray sky with the sun behind the clouds. The inscription on the memorial reads, “This memorial was erected in honor of the men who volunteered in the Mason County, Kentucky Union Army and served in the 1861-1865 war.”

And this one belongs to ...

Retired Cincinnati Reds radio announcer Marty Brennaman signed autographs on the Maysville Kroger Story Saturday in connection with the store’s grand reopening ceremony.

Our blood sugar level is one of those individual health metrics that is important to us when it comes to keeping an eye on our health. It measures the amount of sugar, or glucose, that is present in our blood at any given time. Why is this such an important fact to know? Too little sugar in our blood can lead to cognitive difficulties and too much can lead to undesirable health complications and be a sign of an underlying disease like diabetes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 34 million Americans have diabetes, and 1 in 5 people don’t even know they have it. In addition, more than 88 million American adults have what is known as prediabetes – a condition in which your blood sugar levels are too high but not high enough to qualify as type 2 diabetes (the most common type of diabetes). That’s more than one in three American adults – a pretty sobering number. Of this group, more than 84 percent do not know that they have prediabetes.

That’s one of the main reasons it’s so important to keep track of numbers like blood sugar. Your health is everything, and knowing your health values ​​- such as blood sugar – is essential to ensure that you are doing everything possible to get and stay healthy.

A simple blood sugar test can tell you about your blood sugar levels, tell you and your doctor whether you have diabetes or are at risk of contracting it, and jumpstart any diet and lifestyle changes or treatment you need to take.

Diabetes can occur with symptoms such as frequent urination, abnormal hunger and thirst, blurred vision, unexpected weight loss, fatigue, very dry skin, numb or tingling hands or feet, slow healing wounds, and more infections than usual. However, how and when these symptoms occur may vary depending on the type of diabetes, and in some cases the symptoms may not even be noticeable. Type 1 diabetes symptoms can develop quickly and intensely, while type 2 symptoms typically develop more slowly and may not even be noticeable. And gestational diabetes can appear in the middle of pregnancy with no noticeable symptoms. The tricky nature of diabetes symptoms makes it all the more important to have a blood sugar test to check your blood sugar levels – especially if you are at high risk – and to develop a diabetes treatment plan if necessary.

If left untreated and untreated, diabetes can lead to serious health complications, including hearing and vision loss, heart attack, stroke, and more. Talk to your doctor about getting a simple test to check your blood sugar. It’s an easy and simple step on your way to getting and staying healthy.

To schedule a blood glucose test or to speak to a provider about your health, call 833.248.1274 / visit the Find a Doctor tab on For more information about diabetes, visit and

Ward's Pike closed due to pruning

Part of Kentucky 419 (Wards Pike) between Clift Pike and Key Pike in Mason County will be closed on Friday to prune overhanging branches, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said.

The road is closed during working hours. All through traffic should be diverted onto Kentucky 324, Kentucky 11, or US 68 and Kentucky 9 AA Highway or local routes.

The road plans can change depending on the weather.

Drivers are asked to heed all warning signs, slow down in work areas, and watch out for workers and construction machinery when traveling.

Artist at work

Artist Robert Dafford and his collaborators did not let the cool weather slow down their restoration work on the mural Rosemary Clooney Floodwall in Maysville.

Back in time

Lou Browning, trustee emeritus of the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center, stands next to a World War II-era jeep being driven by one of the reenactors who attended the Read On! Celebration.

Years of Agriculture, Flemingsburg Tourism presents The Grascals

The Grascals return for the seventh time to Years of Farming at Flemingsburg on Double S Entertainment on Sunday, November 7th at 2pm

The West Liberty Mountain Boys open. Tickets are $ 20 and can be purchased in advance or at the box office. Children up to 12 years of age accompanied by an adult have free entry.

Attendees will have the chance to win door prizes provided by our sponsors, including two tickets to our December 5th show with Little Roy and Lizzy at the Spencer Boys opening.

The Grascals have been successful as a band for more than 15 years and combine soulful ballads, traditional bluegrass and gospel songs and a perspective that focuses on family, faith and the old home. You’ve been twice named Entertainer of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association, appeared on prime-time and late-night television shows, commanded two presidents and three Grammy nominations! The band members are Danny Roberts on mandolin, Terry Smith on bass, Chris Davis and John Bryan on guitars, Adam Haynes on violin and five-time IBMA Banjo Player of the Year Kristen Scott Benson.

The Grascals can truthfully say they have the best of both worlds – the consistency of an experienced group that knows who they are and where they are going, and the excitement and energy of a band that knows they have something to prove and the confidence to know them will more than meet the challenge. With their latest album “Up All Night” they are on their way!

A crowd-pleaser, the West Liberty Mountain Boys played music together for a large part of their lives. Band members include Johnathan Keeton on banjo, Matt Bailey on guitar, Byron Holbrook on mandolin and Rick Bartley on bass. Although the band members are young, everyone has a lot of experience with this and other bands.

Our goal is not only to offer bluegrass music in our area, but also to promote our local businesses. These companies employ many people in our community! Most of our sponsors have sponsored all of our shows that we have been planning since 2011. Please take the time to thank our sponsors for helping us bring great bluegrass music to Flemingsburg.

We hope you join us at Years of Farming for an afternoon of fantastic bluegrass music. It’s a great opportunity to see this caliber of artists in our area. If you are not familiar with any of our bands, be it a feature band or an opening act, check out their websites and / or YouTube for some of their music and history and you will be interested!

Check our website regularly for updates to our schedule. For more information, tickets, or to mark (reserve) seats, contact Paula Hinton at 606-748-0798 or [email protected]

Washington representatives visit MCTC

MCTC directors, faculty, and staff with Congressional Field Representative Adam Rice of the Office of US MP Hal Rogers and Megan Bankemper, US Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

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