New Jersey ranks as the worst state in America to retire in 2022

Believe it or not, at some point in life we ​​all think about retirement. Perhaps some of you reading this are at that point. A new poll has ranked the best to worst states for retirement, and well…we have bad news for folks here in the Garden State.

You may or may not agree to this survey, but wallet hub ranked New Jersey as the WORST state for retirement in all of America! Not in the middle of the pack or close to the ground…the absolute ground.

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So let’s break down what Wallethub did earlier with its 2022 rankings. wallet hub had 47 categories they used. These categories fell under three main categories… AFFORDABILITY, QUALITY OF LIFE, and HEALTH CARE.

New Jersey placed 49th overall in the AFFORDABILITY category. Jersey placed 34th on QUALITY OF LIFE and we placed 28th on HEALTHCARE, which was our best placement in the three categories. As you can see, our worst performance was in the AFFORDABILITY category. Is it property taxes, insurance, rent, etc.? Why is Jersey so low in the retirement rankings? Check out the survey and its different ratings and see if you agree with it.

One of the best results was in the “Lowest Property Crime Rate” category, in which New Jersey ranked fifth lowest, just behind Maine. So this is a positive result of the survey.

I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life and probably will until the end. I like it here on the Jersey Shore and enjoy the quality of life here. Will the winter get a bit harsh, yeah, I’ll admit the cold isn’t something I’m looking forward to. To be honest I don’t think my property taxes are that crazy but I don’t live in a city known for high taxes…but I love my city it’s clean and quiet and it’s on the water and we have a lot of trees, so i’m satisfied.

How does it feel to be retiring here in New Jersey? Are you staying here for your golden years or do you have your retirement eyes elsewhere? Post YOUR comments below

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