My Vaccine Pass rollout in public institutions confirmed

The requirements for my vaccination record for the Ashburton Public Library, Ashburton Art Gallery and Museum and Mt Hutt Memorial Hall are effective as of Monday, December 20th, confirmed Hamish Riach, Chief Executive of Ashburton District Council.

The council decided this week that My Vaccine Pass will also be rolled out in the council chambers and the council administration building in Baring Square and that they will be required there from Wednesday 5th January 2022.

“The administration building is a more complex space and we are working on the details of how it works. We are looking at how we can ensure that the services are available to those who do not have a My Vaccine Pass.

“People can still speak to a site manager or other employee (maybe by phone or video call now) and they can pay their fees and other fees online as they have before.

Mr Riach said there would be no tariff cut for those unable to use the council’s facilities.

“The installments that are paid to finance our facilities are fixed fees. These revenues help maintain public facilities for the general benefit of the community, whether or not a person uses them. Price payers have always contributed to the running of our library, museum, and open spaces, and this is not based on any particular use. And we will endeavor to continue to offer the services differently. “

Details on the contactless services will be announced before Monday, January 5th.

Library director Jill Watson said there are contactless ways for people without a My Vaccine Pass to interact with the library.

“We’re going to run our click-and-collect service, where people can order their reading material by email and library staff pack them up for contactless pickup.”

A pick-up point will be at the glass door at the end of West Street of the library building by arrangement. People who wish to use this service can call 308 7192 or send an email to [email protected]

Shirin Khosraviani, director of the art gallery and museum, said that people without a My Vaccine Pass could still get a contactless pick up of creative packages for the summer vacation, but they would need to be booked in advance.

Visitors can call reception on 03 307 1133 and book a package. These are named and deposited at the door for collection.

“We’ll continue to share pictures on our social media and websites to keep people connected. Research inquiries can also be made remotely by e-mail and our archivist and collection team will be happy to help you. “

EA Networks Center has been using My Vaccine Pass since early December.

My Vaccine Pass requirements apply while the Ashburton District is on the Orange and Red levels of the Covid Protection Framework, with a review in case the Ashburton District changes to green.

My vaccination record is not required in the Ashburton Domain office and yard, campsites in Rangitata, Hakatere, and Mt Somers, resource reclamation parks and transfer stations, community halls and memorial halls (except Mt Hutt Memorial Hall), outdoor community pools, common ground ( Tinwald, Ruapuna, Rakaia, Hinds, and Mt Somers), parks and reserves, cemeteries, playgrounds, public toilets, vacant campsites, Ashburton Airport, and senior housing.

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