Memorial’s Carly Berkman signs with DBU

HOUSTON – As Memorial’s season wrapped up last fall, Carly Berkman felt the final chapter of her playing career had not yet been written.

Berkman began looking into next-level gaming, and in the end, Dallas Baptist University is the next chapter to be written. The senior from Memorial signed with the Patriots on Wednesday.

“I just started looking and DBU finally found us,” said Carly. “It just fits perfectly.”

Carly is the daughter of Lance Berkman, former Houston Astro-great and current Houston Baptist University baseball coach.

“We are excited. Having played in college, I know how much fun it is. I had the most fun playing baseball when I was in college,” Lance said. “We really encouraged her to go ahead with that if she felt like she wanted to do it. So luckily there was an opportunity, and I think it’s in a great place. I think she will enjoy it.”


All of Lance’s daughters play volleyball, including Carly’s two younger sisters who are currently attending Second Baptist School and Dad was on the way there to support them and their dreams.

“My dad has always been my biggest supporter,” Carly said. “I always look for him in the stands when I play. He never pushed us to do anything or live up to what he did, which was always inspiring. It has always made me want to work harder. Just knowing that no matter what I do, he’s always proud of me.”

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