Memorial to Fallen Officer Ella French Vandalized – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – A video has surfaced on social media showing someone destroying a memorial to the fallen Chicago policewoman Ella French, who was shot dead at a traffic stop in West Englewood on August 7th.

Videos on Twitter posted on a now-deleted page show someone trying to knock down a memorial in the Thompson Center with a “Back The Blue” wreath and a photo of French people.

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When the attempt to knock over the memorial was unsuccessful, the filming person snatched the photo of French from the stand and clenched it as he left.

The Chicago Police released the following statement regarding the incident:

Officer Ella French will live in our hearts forever. She was kind, respectful, compassionate, brave, loyal, dedicated, selfless. The exact opposite of this pointless vandalism.

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The video also sparked outrage online, people calling it a shameful and disgusting act.

The footage was released on Twitter just a day after Officer French was buried.

A police source told CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot that a woman from Chicago is linked to the incident, which is a grade 4 crime.

It was not immediately clear on Saturday afternoon whether she had been arrested or charged.

Chicago police said the Illinois police were investigating the vandalism inside a state government building.

Illinois police said they were aware of the incident and are investigating it.

CBS 2 tried to contact the woman linked to the Twitter account that posted the original video, but our efforts were unsuccessful.

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The memorial has since been removed from the location shown in the video.

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