Issue of the day: The dedicated royal fashion scouts

WHEN you see a photo of the Queen, or Prince William, or any of the younger members of the royal family, you might not think too much about what they’re wearing, but online there are teams dedicated to finding each item.

By royal decree?

By order of royal fans – and fashion admirers, it seems. Various websites and social media pages are dedicated solely to determining which items of clothing are worn by the royals, with fans of the monarchy and fashionistas alike desperate to identify pieces first and beat others in this online trend.

It’s more than just fashion fun?

This can mean big business for the designers of the affected clothing and accessories, which can result in items selling out and websites crashing due to increased interest.

What are some of the sites?

Found by Bojana, on Twitter and Instagram, proudly explains that it has been busy identifying royal outfits since 2016. In the last few days alone, a picture – taken by a passing member of the public – showing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children leaving Windsor Castle after the Easter weekend has led to a number of identifications, including a smiggle shark ‘ backpack carried by Prince Louis, while the dress worn by Princess Charlotte to the Easter Mattins service has been identified as a Rachel Riley outfit.

Other sides?

The What Kate Wore website describes just that, for example the latest article giving an overview of what the Duchess wore to a visit to the London headquarters of the Disasters Emergency Committee on Thursday. In addition to covering the event itself, it makes a self-proclaimed “difficult turn” to detail her Reiss jacket, LK Bennett pants, Ralph Lauren pumps, and citrine earrings. Others are doing the same, including Kate Middleton Style and Duchess Kate Blog.

It’s not just Catherine?

Prince William’s attire is also being closely followed by fans, who have even identified the shoes he wore to commemorate the Duke of Edinburgh last month, while other royals are also being closely watched, from the Countess of Wessex to the Duchess of Cornwall.

And it’s not just clothes?

When the Duchess of Cambridge visited Galway in early 2020 wearing a necklace with her children’s initials, made by local jeweler Aisling O’Brien, the “Kate Effect” caused her website to collapse with orders from around the world .

It’s not a new phenomenon?

Of course, in the 1980s, Princess Diana’s dresses were scrutinized just as closely, but now the internet has made it a global event, where fashion is identified in a matter of moments. The web also allows items that were popular at the time to still remain in the fashion eye. For example, a red sheepskin sweater worn by Princess Diana sold out at the time and was reissued to meet continued demand.

The greatest royal style icon?

The Queen is known for her bold colors and love of sheath dresses and matching accessories. On her recent tour of Australia, Princess Anne revealed the royal approach to the issue, telling Australia Women’s Weekly: “The Queen and I had a discussion the other day about the difference between fashion and style and I think it might be relevant in that sense that she didn’t make fashion, but she certainly makes style, and style tends to last longer.”

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