Is a particular loan safe?

Private loans are the best option available today because banks do not provide liquidity to many of their clients, financial institutions ask for many requirements and not all can be met. That’s why a large number of people turn to private loans, companies from private lenders grant their clients loans without having to meet as many requirements as the aforementioned bank asks, let’s see how safe a particular loan is.

Private lending

Private lending companies have been operating in our country for a long time and there is currently a regulation for the activities developed by this type of companies, the lenders’ companies are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and that is why our company adjusts to the norms and laws referring to private loans and financial services. We offer our clients private loans with the sole guarantee of a real property or any other kind, therefore, the user can guarantee this credit with all kinds of goods provided they have the necessary value to grant the amount of money requested by the client.

Our private lenders offer loans that can be guaranteed by vehicles, pieces of art, real estate, etc. everything works and everything is valid as long as it has enough value for it and there is only one exception that are the jewels, however, there are a large number of options available for the client to select the one that most interests him. We provide up to 20% of the value of the guarantee, sometimes up to 25 depending on the quality of the guarantee and in terms of real estate that are guarantees or guarantee for our credits, they must meet a very important condition so that we can accept them as such. Real estate must be free of charges and mortgages and we accept apartments, houses, premises, etc. Solar, plots or land are not valid because they are goods whose prices vary too much and therefore are not acceptable guarantees. These particular loans have a number of advantages compared to the loans offered by banks, the most notable is the speed with which we transact the operation and the time in which the client manages to have his cash in his checking account is very reduced, less than 72 hours provided that in our company we have received the necessary paperwork to start the procedures. Another advantage is that we grant money to people who are enrolled in lists of defaulters or who do not have monthly payroll, this unfavorable economic situations are no longer an impediment to get an amount of money necessary to get ahead.

The guarantee allows us to provide credits to all our clients. Another advantage is the early cancellation with a 0% penalty provided that the user has been with us for a minimum of one mandatory year. Our company develops its activities within the legal framework and thanks to our professionals who have experience and knowledge in financial and real estate matters. Our training allows us to deal with a large number of procedures and accelerate the process, we do not ask for so many documents and papers to the client and therefore, everything becomes simpler. We are able to carry out many tasks and we can take care of the official appraisal of the home and do it at an economic price for the client, we do not ask for money in advance and we carry out everything we can so that the user does not have to worry. You can feel totally safe and confident because the transactions are signed before a notary and those signatures can be made anywhere in Spain without the need for the client to move.