Get ready for midnight cheer in downtown Concord on Friday

CONCORD, NH – Midnight Merriment, one of the most famous holiday events, returns to Downtown Concord on Friday.

For the 28th time the event will take place from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. The Intown Concord event includes Christmas music, strolling Christmas carols, s’mores and cocoa stations, and more. A number of shops and restaurants are open until midnight with special discounts and promotions.

North Main Street will be closed from Pleasant Street to School Street from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM

In 2021, the Concord Arts Market Winter Giftopolis Art Walk will take place across the city center (a map is linked here with all the locations of arts and crafts sellers).

Santa is expected to perform at the New Hampshire Federal Credit Union on North Main Street, offering socially distant photos for senior citizen fundraiser from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

All activities are free.

Masks are recommended when social distancing is not an option.


Vaccinated cinema only on Thursdays

Starting Thursday, Red River Theaters will only offer screenings to customers who have taken COVID-19 recordings.

The new Vax & Snax program aims to serve only vaccinated people on Thursdays and allow them to participate in concessions – something that has not been offered in the theater since it reopened during the pandemic.

On Thursdays, you must show proof of vaccination and photo identification at all demonstrations and events. Children under 5 years of age can participate if accompanied by a vaccinated adult.

Masks are compulsory on all days, but they can be removed on Thursdays when customers enjoy their concessions and sit in the theaters. The seats are still limited.

Unvaccinated visitors can only attend the demonstrations from Friday to Sunday and must always wear a mask. No discounts are offered from Friday to Sunday. Vaccinated customers can also take part in demonstrations on these days.

While Vax & Snax is innovative, as movie theaters tend to make most of their money on concessions, it smells like segregationism as it only allows customers to watch movies and enjoy concessions based on their healthcare. It also contradicts the “science” that is constantly commanded to everyone. Vaccinated persons can be carriers as well as unvaccinated persons. They can spread the virus and also become infected with the virus, as evidenced by the large number of “breakthrough cases” pursued across the country.

Angie Lane, the theater’s executive director, was asked if the board had worked with health officials on this decision. She said she and members of the theater board, including a doctor, met about issues with the nonprofit throughout the pandemic.

“Our focus has always been on the health and safety of our employees and guests, which is consistent with the needs and desires of our RRT community,” she said. “The expansion of our activities and the Vax & Snax Thursday program has been made with careful consideration of current conditions, dates and CDC recommendations.”

Lane was also asked if cinemas had any issues with attendees’ previous infection rates, whether moviegoers would ever be offered a “No Vax & Snax” day, or who could sign an immunity waiver so they could enjoy popcorn and a beer while they are enjoying a movie, and whether the theaters had guidelines about other viruses and communicable diseases from customers. She chose not to answer these questions.

Granite VNAs “Lights, Lives and Memories”

A virtual memorial service for the deceased will take place on December 11th.

Granite VNA, the state’s largest home health and hospice provider, will host an online reminder on December 11th at 11am on Zoom, which is linked here. It will include music, readings and reflection. At the event, the names will be read out from a list of honorary members who have recently passed away.

A china dove is added to evergreen trees in Concord, Meredith, Wakefield and Wolfeboro.

Visit the link to add a name to the list to read and to make a donation to the organizations.

Previously, the event was held live in the city center during the Midnight Merriment. This is the second year the event has been held remotely.

“We recognize the importance that the Hospice Lights of Life and Tree of Memories events have to the hundreds of parishioners who attend each year to honor and remember their loved ones, and we are honored to continue the legacy by we’re bringing these traditions together under a new name: Granite VNA Lights, Life and Memories, “said Beth Slepian, President and CEO of Granite VNA. “In addition to remembering traditions, Lights, Life and Memories raises awareness of hospice services and serves as an important fundraiser to support hospice care in the 82 communities in which we operate.”

This year the organization will also be installing purple lights.

More than 450 clinicians and staff provide a range of services from the organization, including home care, hospice, maternal and personal home care.

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