FedEx driver hung up a fallen American flag and greets in front of a security camera

A FedEx driver in North Carolina was reportedly caught by a home security camera this week, hanging an American flag lying on the ground and saluting it.

The footage showed the FedEx driver stopping for a moment when he noticed the flag had fallen into the bushes outside a house in the town of Mathews, North Carolina, CBS News reported WJZY.

After noticing the flag on the ground, the driver put a package he was holding on the ground and went over to pick up the flag and hang it up. Then he saluted the flag before leaving.

Homeowner Karla Cruz was reportedly watching the incident, which was captured on her security camera, and was delighted with the actions of the FedEx driver.

“I was like, ‘Oh, he’s going to fix the flag, that’s a really nice deed,'” Cruz said, according to WJZY. “And then he says hello and my heart melts. I thought maybe he’s a veteran.”

The homeowner said she now wants to find the FedEx driver to confirm his action.

According to the news agency, Cruz is very proud to honor the flag as it symbolizes her family’s trip from Mexico.

“We came here and we love Mexico. But we love this country and the opportunities it offers our families. America brought us the American dream,” she said. “We have a house here. It was amazing. The fact that he … [the FedEx driver] came and held our flag up is great. “

The American flag has been honored by citizens in various ways over the past few months, including in difficult situations. During the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, a U.S. embassy employee saved the flag from burning when employees were evacuated.

Embassy staff were instructed to destroy all materials that the Taliban could use as propaganda. These materials included all American flags, papers, electronics, and sensitive items with embassy or agency logos.

However, the American flag was “meaningful” to the employee and he wanted to keep it, according to JP Lawrence, a reporter at Stars and Stripes.

Many Americans honor the US flag on numerous occasions year round, including Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Similar examples include Flag Day, which is celebrated on June 14th each year in the United States to commemorate the adoption of the American flag, but is only celebrated as a state holiday in Pennsylvania.

A FedEx driver in North Carolina was reportedly caught by a home security camera that hung an American flag and showed her a greeting. Above is a detailed view of the moon and American flag in the night sky during the MLB game between the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Angels at Comerica Park on August 18 in Detroit, Michigan.
Photo by Mark Cunningham / MLB Photos via Getty Images

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