Documentation needed to apply for a personal loan

Personal loans have become a very attractive financial option for many individuals. They are ideal to deal with unforeseen expenses or to cover any debt quickly. For example, many customers use them to get out of Asnef and have access to a wider range of financial options.

But, do you know what is the necessary documentation to apply for a personal loan? In Lenders we explain it to you.

Information about the necessary documentation to request a personal loan

Do you know what is the necessary documentation to request a personal loan? You may think that you only have to present some papers to the credit institution that grants us the capital. But the truth is that it does not hurt to have other documents on hand before.

Essential documentation that you must have before requesting a personal loan

Think that these types of agreements are between two parties and that you must also have all the information possible to value the loan they offer you. Therefore, before making any hiring we advise you to have the following documents.

  • The FIPRE or Pre-contractual Information Card. To understand us better, it is the brochure with general information offered by credit companies. Normally you can access it even through the internet as it is usually digitized information.
  • The binding offer. The problem of FIPRE is that it is generic information that does not adapt to our request for credit. That’s where the binding offer comes into play. In this document the information is collected in a more personalized way regarding the loan that we need. Here we can check if the agreement includes links, if it is necessary to present endorsement or guarantor, if there are commissions of any kind, and so on. Nowadays it is mandatory that the entity offers this information to the client as long as the loan exceeds €200. Be careful, because despite his name the client is not obliged to contract the loan if the conditions do not interest him.

Documentation that we must deliver to request a personal loan

The next step will be to offer us the documentation that the financial institution needs to assess our file. This may vary relatively depending on the type of lender we go to. As a general rule, requests for information from banks are greater than those requested by private equity companies or private lenders. In general, many of these papers are aimed at the lender can check the financial solvency of the customer.

Among the standard documents that you will be asked for, there are undoubtedly the following.

  • Copy of the DNI, with which to prove that we are. It will also allow the lender to conduct a study of our economic solvency.
  • Copy of the current account number in which the payment will be made. If we are going to contract the personal loan with our bank, this information will not be necessary.
  • Document with which the credit institution can verify our income. For example the last two payrolls, the work contract. Or in the case of the self-employed, the last declaration of income and quarterly VAT. Not all lenders request this information. In the case of those who work with mortgage guarantee is not necessary.
  • Bank movements. Many banks request an extract of the banking movements of the future client during the last three months. This way they not only know the income thanks to the previous documents but also the expenses they have.
  • If it is a mortgage loan… we can no longer consider it personal since in case of non-payment is not answered with our present and future assets, but with the property we have used as collateral. In this case it will be necessary to offer the own documentation that shows that the property is free of charges and that it is ours.