District officials discuss homework-free weekends and future psychological support

As the school nears the end of the first quarter, discussions about changes to homework have been circulating in board meetings of key district officials.

On September 13th, the Board of Trustees of the MVLA decided to revise the previous rules for homework, especially with regard to mental health.

The board’s original intent was to have three homework-free weekends year-round, one for Homecoming weekend, Memorial Day weekend, and March’s quarterly break.

MVHS teacher David Campbell spoke at the board meeting to bring to light certain issues related to student mental health. Rather than pushing three times for less homework, he primarily focuses on the stress that taking too many AP classes can put on students.

Students do homework during the tutorial

“If we really want to change anything, we need to limit the number of AP classes our students take,” said Campbell.

Campbell conducted a survey of over 200 responses about attitudes towards mental health support from MVHS. The survey was answered by a wide variety of teachers, school psychologists, and seniors.

Through the answers given, Campbell created a case for a psychosocial support overhaul in the school.

“The unfortunate reality of MVHS mental health support is that it is largely based on crisis response rather than preventive measures,” Campbell said.

Due to recent calendar changes, the MVHS and LAHS schedules were not aligned during the homecoming weekend. If the homework weekend had been homework-free, MVHS would have 4 days homework-free weekend, while LAHS would only have 2 days.

With this in mind, the Board decided to skip the homework weekend weekend off and promised to resume discussion of academic mental health issues in future meetings.

“Just because a student’s testimonial shows all ones doesn’t mean the student is fine, safe, and healthy,” said Campbell.

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