Commemoration for Lucille Nichols


The Willard F. Bond Home will celebrate the life of the late Lucille Nichols, who influenced the community beyond five decades as steward of Willard F. Bond Home / The Home Place.

The memorial begins December 14 at 10 a.m. in the Bond Home’s main dining room and will honor Nichols’ decades of service to the Madison community. Her most popular service in life was the Bond Home. She died on August 1 of this year at the age of 96.

Many members of the Madison community knew Nichols well, including Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler. Nichols took in Hawkins-Butler and her brother after their parents died, and considered Hawkins-Butler her “special daughter”.

Anne Thompson, the daughter of Nichols who is now the executive director of the Bond Home, said everyone is welcome.

“This memorial is a family-oriented event,” said Thompson. “We’re going to have a preacher, Ed McDaniel, talk to the mayor about Mrs. Nichols. Chris Bratcher from Madison will speak and sing for us too. “

Thompson said Nichols’ family members would attend to hang an ornament on the Bond Home memorial tree honoring all deceased residents and staff.

Nichols has a long history of success, including serving on a health advisory council under President George W. Bush, Madison County’s Woman of the Year, Business Advisory Council Businesswoman of the Year in Washington, DC, and a member of the Madison Board of Directors County Department of Human Services and a member of the 100 Club of Madison County. She also received the Peggy Wilkes Award from the Madison City Chamber of Commerce, and the Nichols Center, a Madison care facility, was named in her honor.

The Bond Home is located at 7521 Old Canton Road in Madison. Call the home at 601-856-6886 for more information.

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