Bottle cap donations required for Boonville Girl’s Memorial Bench

If you drink a lot of soda or bottled water, save these bottle caps for a good cause.

Elliana Cobb

Elliana Cobb was a six-year-old from Boonville whose life was tragically interrupted in January 2020. Elliana was out on a nature walk with a relative when a tree fell on her in Boonville. While the crews were unable to save Elliana, her memory is vivid with her friends and family.

Keep your memory alive

Elliana’s mother Sarah found another way to keep her daughter’s memory alive through a bank of plastic bottle caps. When completed, the bench will stand in the playground at Oakdale Elementary School, where Elliana attended school. However, to complete this bank, you must first collect bottle caps to make it.

How can you help

Sarah says it takes about 200-300 bottle caps to build the bank in honor of her daughter. We all have a lot of bottle caps that we use up that we could donate to this cause instead of just throwing them in the trash. Some of the acceptable bottle caps that can be used to make this bench include:

  • Water, soda, juice and sports drink caps
  • Closure caps for medicine bottles /
    (Info package removed)
  • Milk jug, cream jug
  • Flip-top caps
  • Detergent caps
  • Spout caps (mustard)
  • Hairspray caps
  • Spray paint caps
  • Toothpaste caps
  • Caps of ointment tubes
  • Deodorant caps
  • Baby food caps
  • Applesauce bag caps
  • Shampoo / conditioner

How to donate your bottle caps

You can collect all of your bottle caps weekly or at your convenience and drop them off at Signs by Design in Newburgh and Oakdale Elementary School in Boonville. There is currently no deadline for your donations. They will accept them until they donate enough to build the bank. If anyone has any questions or needs more information, please email Sarah at [email protected]

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