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The City of Amherst plans to join the Hometown Heros program and begin displaying banners downtown to honor local veterans beginning in January.

The project, which began in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in 2006, springs from a movement to pay tribute to those who served in the military while recognizing their beginnings.

Many neighboring cities, such as Vermilion, Wellington, and Avon Lake, have displayed banners honoring their veterans for many years, some on Veterans Day and Memorial Day and others year-round.

This is a first for Amherst.

While the community honored its service members through the Patriots Park Memorial and the Amherst Veteran’s Mural Wall at 248 Park Ave, it had not put up banners.

“But that’s about to change,” said Teresa L. Gilles, chief executive officer of Main Street Amherst. “We will have Studio Q Photography create veteran banners that will be hung from January through the end of April when we set out the flower baskets.”

The banners cost $100 to make, and Gilles said she has plans for at least 50 to be placed in historic downtown.

So far, 15 families have reached out to have banners made to honor their loved ones, she said.

For Gilles, the decision to display the banners was born out of love for the city.

“Your veterans can be from any war and any industry, but they have to have Amherst ties,” she said.

Gilles also explained why the banners arrived in January.

“This is the first year we’ve had them and they won’t be fully ready until Veterans Day,” she said. “In addition, we are also putting up banners and Christmas decorations from November 6th, while we have nothing during the winter months of January.

“So we thought the banners would be a great addition.”

Payment for the banners can be made on Main Street Amherst at their website or at their office at 255 Park Ave.

From there, the photos to Studio Q, 135 Park Ave. are brought where they are processed and made into banners.

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