7 websites to create obituaries and memorials online

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, and finding meaningful ways to remember them can be difficult. Obituaries and memorials are a great way to highlight your loved ones’ experiences in their lives. But when you’re grieving, it can be difficult to think about how to structure an obituary and what to include in it.

Luckily, there are tools online to guide you through this process. In this article, you will find seven websites to help you create obituaries and memorials for your loved ones.

If you want to create a long lasting memory of your loved one, this website will help you. Obituare is a website that allows you to create an obituary for your loved ones and guides you through every step.

Rather than being constrained by space and budget constraints for a newspaper obituary, you can opt for a one-time lifetime payment of $99 for obituaries.

This means you get access to several features, including unlimited words, a donation link for people to donate money to support the family of the deceased, and a photo feature on the Obituare homepage. The platform also offers a free plan with 3-day access and a premium 30-day access plan for $29.

Remembered.com is a platform focused on remembering your loved ones through media content. This website allows you to create an online memorial website where you can tell the story of your loved one.

The site is free to use and has a simple interface with unique features such as: B. a memorial slideshow and a memorial feature where visitors can visit the memorial and light a candle.

If you’re not sure how to start creating a memorial for your loved one, you can get inspiration from memorials that other people on the site have created.

If you are looking for ways to help your loved ones deal with grief, you can create a memorial wall to invite them to share their stories and memories.

Ever Loved helps you remember your loved ones by providing you with free tools to create a memorial website in their honor. The memorial website is community operated; This allows friends and family members of the deceased to add their memories and condolences to the site.

One of the special features of this website is the ability to create a timeline highlighting the years when important moments in the life of your loved one took place. This can be the year they were born, the year they graduated, their marriage, and anything else that might have been important.

Similar to the timeline, Ever Loved also helps you create an obituary where you can add details about her life achievements and the loved ones left behind.

Elegant Memorials offers you a convenient way to create a memorial for your departed loved ones. There are a variety of design ideas and templates to choose from that are easy to customize for your bereavement program, memorial card, or obituary.

Most of the templates on the site cost $24.99. The site also provides instructions and examples for writing a eulogy and obituary.

When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one and still coming to terms with losing them, you may not feel like engaging in certain tasks, such as reading. B. in a funeral program. Luckily, Elegant Memorials offers a service where templates are edited on your behalf. All you have to do is buy a template and call them with all the necessary details.

Not only does Elegant Memorials focus on helping you create a funeral program or obituary, you can also access information on planning a funeral or memorial service.

Quick Funeral is a website that provides you with a variety of free tools to simplify the process of organizing a funeral. This website gives you access to tools to help you create professional funeral programs to commemorate your loved one in the best way.

Poems on a sympathy card are a special way of celebrating your loved one and allow you to give them the sentimental farewell they deserve. One of the unique features of this site is a series of poems and prayers that you can choose from to add to a sympathy card.

Other templates that you can find on this site are: obituaries, bi-fold templates, funeral bookmarks, and how-to guides for creating these funeral paraphernalia.

Keeper is a memorial website dedicated to helping users keep the memory of their loved ones alive. This is another collaborative memorial platform that allows you to invite close friends and family members, share stories, or simply engage on the platform to honor your loved one.

Keeper allows you to upload pictures and videos, create a bio and obituary, host an honors guest book, and create a family tree. That’s not all, Keeper also gives you the option to host a virtual memorial. In this way you can accommodate people who live far away and lead busy lives and give them the opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased person.

Keeper has a free and paid version with unlimited features and a one-time cost of $74.

If you’ve always wanted to write your life story but didn’t know where to start, this website is for you. Lastly.com allows you to preserve your own life story to leave behind when you leave this world.

To start the process, Lastly.com will guide you by providing prompts that you will answer to help you build your life story. When you review the moments of your life with these prompts, it won’t feel as stressful as trying to design your life story from scratch.

If you don’t plan to write your life story, you can still use Lastly.com to preserve the memory of someone close to you. The site offers a seven-day free trial and costs $45 per year.

Give your loved ones a lasting memory

The internet helps us navigate life in many interesting ways, and one of those ways is by helping you honor loved ones. The websites mentioned above will make the commemoration of the deceased less of a burden. Whether you need an obituary, memorial, or grief program, there is something for you.

Dealing with death is not easy, especially when you have lost someone close to you. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge how it’s affecting you and take the necessary steps to heal and deal with the loss.

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